Stir/Sip/Feed/Seed/Hush Your Boujee Side

Naming your business after an animal or a street number is so 2014!  Today, the most boujee restaurants or boutique shops are embracing the trend of #VerbNames.  American Uber-cities boast restaurants with tantalizingly ambiguous names like Crave, Crush, Forage, Toast, or Jar.  Yum!

When I eventually relocated to Chattanooga after a lifetime in major American cities, I assumed I’d be leaving behind hip, trendy restaurants with #VerbNames, #NumberNames, or even the very concept of restaurant “concepts.”  So you can imagine my delight upon Yelping my way through Chattanooga’s growing list of #VerbNames.  There’s already too many to count!

Four to be exact!


STIR is the hip and exclusive new artisanal cocktail and oyster bar located at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo.  The rehabilitated Chattanooga Choo Choo complex is brining a whole new level of boujee to the city, and STIR is its crown jewel.  There are plenty of bars that can mix you a fancy cocktail, but only STIR compliments your beverage with honest-to-God “artisanal ice.”  It turns out that your drink tastes way better if you’re using properly shaped ice.



The secret is out!  If you’re craving an Instagram-worthy, artisanal cocktail but don’t want to walk all the way around the corner to STIR, then HUSH is for you.  This “speak easy” style bar offers polished concrete, golden tiger wallpaper, and signature mixed “elixirs” with evocative names like “Mules on Parade” or “Negronious Monk.”  HUSH shares a space with The Revelry Room, a sleek music venue featuring chandeliers and polished concrete.


sip.jpgSIP is the sleek and minimalist coffeeshop/kitchen on the Northshore.  It features many of the same delicious meals and stylish furniture offered at other coffeeshop/kitchens, but with a distinctly “grey brick” flair.  The menu board features a rotating selection of seasonal favorites, handwritten in chalk.  The fonts they use are truly amazing and should be indicative of the love and care they put into their food.

(UPDATE:  It turns out that Sip has already closed and will soon be replaced by a boujee meatball restaurant from the owners of Embargo62, a successful #NumberName on the Northshore.)



FEED your desire for hamburgers, chicken, sandwiches and salads at FEED, a traditional American bar concept peppered with Southern flair and entombed in expensive, reclaimed wood.  Enjoy a delicious plate of house-made Sloppy Joes with house-fried tater tots, accompanied by condiments like catsup.  While much of the menu may seem “traditional,” rest assured that each dish is lovingly plated to maximize verticality, often using stylish rectangular plates.



SEED isn’t a restaurant, although this charming boutique on the Northshore will do the same thing for your soul that a good bowl of pho will.  It’s warm, inviting, musty, familiar and unexpected all at the same time.  There’s a wide selection of brown and dark green things such as clothes, bags, and hand-crafted jewelry.  If you like buying art but can’t afford most of it, then Seed is a great place to scoop some reasonably priced local paintings of trees and other hippy stuff.