5 Hot Food Trucks Chattanooga Needs NOW!

There are a lot of outrageously delicious food trends sweeping major cities like LA, NYC and Seattle.  Chattanooga obviously needs to play catch up when it comes to Poke bowls. lobster rolls and avacado toast.  But let’s face it, by the time they get to Chattanooga, those trends will have already jumped the shark.  If Chattanooga’s food truck scene wants to get ahead of the curve, here are five next-wave foodie trends we need to embrace now!

5. Milk & Asparagus


There are as many different kinds of asparagus as there are milks, and perfectly pairing the two requires a keen palate and a deep knowledge of culinary history.  In the wrong hands, Milk & Asparagus is a mushy mess.  But in the hands of a true artisan, Milk & Aspargus is a more perfect union than wine and cheese.  Get with it, Chattanooga!

4.  Kalewurst


Just when you thought you’d exhausted all the possibilities of kale, along comes a dish so scrumptious that makes you rediscover like anew.  Kalewurst is that next big dish.  For those who don’t know, “wurst” is German for sausage.  Kalewurst puts a post-carn twist on the german classic by substituting kale for pork.  Hungry yet?  Sorry, you’ll have to wait until Chattanooga can get a kalewurst truck.

3. Frozen Pho Pops


Summers can be so brutally muggy here in Chattanooga that I actually find myself passing on pho.  New Yorkers who love pho have found a way to beat the heat while embracing the brothy goodness of pho by making frozen pho pops in the summer.  Select custom “mix-ins” like jalapeños, rice noodles, or Kobe beef.  Or be a purist and stick to the plain broth pops.  Either way, you can’t spell summer without “pho.”

2. Ancient Grains


When you consider all the modern processed garbage we eat today, it’s no wonder 86% of the population suffers from obesity, diabetes, and irritable bowl syndrome.   Not unlike the boom in vinyl or retro linoleum flooring, the future of food is in the past.  The deep past.  If Chattanooga wants to be out ahead of the foodie curve, somebody will open an ancient grains truck specializing in pure, unmodified teff, kamut, amaranth, farro and quinoa.  OMG.

1.  Decorative Edible Flowers


Like the cliche goes, people eat with their eyes.  Over the last few years, trends like vertical stacking and long rectangular plates have breathed fresh life into familiar dishes like salads and sandwiches.  However, in 2017 those tricks are starting to seem passé.   But insiders have been promising me that the next big trend in edible eye-candy will be decorative flowering.  Imagine getting your fresh cup of Milk & Asparagus from one adorable food truck, then visiting the edible decorative flowers truck next door for a customized floral garnish.  Now open your eyes.  That dream could be Chattanooga’s reality.