Electric Cars are the Future of Chattanooga

As anyone with access to Facebook can tell you, fossil fuels are destroying our environment while greedy oil companies murder democracy.  It can be really depressing, and make you feel powerless.  But there are things we can all do… from becoming vegans to converting unused urban spaces into vegetable farms.  But if you really want to make Mother Earth happy, you’ll ditch your gas-guzzling clunker and upgrade to a sleek and bio-conscious electric car.

Want to learn more?  Nooga is reporting that dozens of local electric car owners will descend upon Station Street this Saturday from 3-8pm to kick off Chattanooga’s Drive Electric Week.


The event will feature a variety of sexy electric vehicles, including cars, bikes and motorcyles.  Green Commuter will be on hand to offer electric car test drives.  The event is totally free and open to the public.  And it’s conveniently located near HUSH, my favorite of the mono-syllabic cocktail bars at the Choo Choo.