TEDx Conference Coming to Chattanooga

TEDx is coming to Chattanooga!  NPR listeners are probably very familiar with the TED Radio Hour, a program in which worldly public speakers deliver captivating lectures on important social issues.  TEDx is a bootleg offshoot of the larger TED brand, bringing similar lectures to cities all around the world.

The all-day event kicks off at September 16th in Baylor’s Alumni Chapel, and will feature a diverse range of almost 20 speakers.  As event organizer Liam Zhang described it, “Our goal for the TEDxBaylorSchool event is to put the extended Chattanooga community onto a trailblazing global activity map that is watched, shared and discussed by the world’s top cognitive leaders.”

https-%2F%2Fcdn.evbuc.com%2Fimages%2F31624162%2F213352952041%2F1%2Foriginal.jpgThe event will feature presentations from big names like Social Media Influencer Alan Stein and Liz Kislik, a business consultant from New York City.  There will also be plenty of speeches from local luminaries poets, musicians, educators and current Baylor students.

And possibly best of all, the event will feature “light snacks” from Whole Foods.  I love Whole Foods.  And I love broadening my horizon by considering diverse new perspectives.  So you better believe I’ll be attending!  And who knows… maybe this time next year, I’ll be preparing my own TEDx presentation on how to open a successful placenta restaurant.

Tickets can be purchased through EventBrite, and are $25 for the full day of programming.  Students can qualify for a reduced rate of $15.