OMG! Southside Pop-Up Alert!

Calling all fabulous and sexy Southsiders!  For one weekend only, the Gilmore Hennessy team at Real Estate Partners will be hosting an exclusive pop-up shopping experience.  Come browse a selection of artisan giftcards, notebooks and mugs at the very condos this site just declared “the sexiest condos on the Southside!”

“Experience a true live|work|play experience in Chattanooga’s newest premier address,” boasts the official Facebook invite.  Their emphasis on the word “experience” suggests this will truly be an “experience” to remember!


For those of you who don’t know, a Pop-Up store is a shop that pops up for a few days in a sleek and sexy urban space.  By definition, a pop-up shop only lasts for a short while, so that adds a ticking clock and an air of exclusivity to the whole shopping experience.  Delicious!

The Facebook event has been tagged with the words FREE ADMISSION, KID FRIENDLY, and +1.   For those of you who don’t know, +1 is a term used at exclusive and hip urban parties to designate guests of those invited.  So if you’re planning to go to the free pop-up experience, and you want to bring a friend, inform them that they’ll be  your +1.  Trust me, they will be so impressed.