Heaven & Ale Southside: Has The Dream Died?

For the last year or so, residents of Southside have eagerly awaited the promise of a new upscale bar from the owners of the venerated Heaven & Ale, but alas… it seems the dream may be dead.   While taking a family segway ride through Jefferson Heights, I noticed something had changed outside the future site of Heaven & Ale Southside.  This sign was missing:


The owners of Heaven & Ale Southside announced their plans to renovate the former Atlas Bolt and Supply building in May of 2017 via SocMe.  Anticipation continued to build as the owners hosted outdoor parties in the adjacent parking lot featuring live music and food trucks.  But curiously, the building itself was never opened for business.  The windows remained boarded up, and now without the the aforementioned sign, the building looks extremely sad and depressing and not certainly not boujee.


And possibly worst of all, residents of my Jefferson Heights neighborhood will still be forced to walk at least three blocks in order to find the nearest craft beer or $20 hamburger.  But considering some portion of the sidewalk will be blocked and construction trucks will be slamming into buildings all around you, it’s probably not worth risking your life.  Thankfully UberEats has launched, meaning I can now pay someone a sub-minimum-wage rate to bring me my dinner.  Maybe in the future UberFork will make it possible for me to hire a poor person to hold my knife and fork too.

So what do you think, Chattanooga?  Has the plug finally been pulled on Heaven & Ale Southside?  If you have any inside information, let me know!