Cotton and Twine Boutique Closes Southside Location

One of Southside’s most stylish destination boutiques has closed its doors forever.  At least that’s what Google told me.  And if Google tells you something, it must be true.  Just check out this screenshot:

FullSizeRender (28).jpg

I noticed something was suspicious when my daughter Remedy and I crossed paths with two older (yet still extremely boujee) women as the convened to cultivate their couture at Cotton and Twine’s Main Street location.  They were dismayed to find the door locked and the shop empty.

“I can’t believe it,” said the one woman whose name I didn’t bother getting because I am not an actual reporter, “Cotton and Twin has been a mainstay on Main Street for a couple years now.”

Apparently Cotton and Twine continues to operate a location in Calhoun, a small town in the cultural Mordor of North Georgia.  A cursory Google image search confirmed my worst stereotypes of anything located in North Georgia:


I’m appalled and slightly disgusted to think that a place like Calhoun could sustain a Cotton and Twine Boutique while the residents of Chattanooga’s Southside could not.  It really makes you question all you know about boujee.  I suppose it’s just one more location to add to the ever-growing list of extremely desirable vacant properties on Chattanoog’a red hot Southside!