Melody Shekari Endorses Melody Shekari for TN State House of Representatives

Melody Shekari, Democratic candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives 28th District, made headlines today when she announced her endorsement of Melody Shekari in the race for the Tennessee House of Representatives 28th District.

“In these pivotal times, it’s more important than ever for our voices to be heard in the state capitol,” said Melody Shekari as she posed for photos alongside Melody Shekari.  “That’s why I’m proud to announce my support for Melody Shekari!”

Shekari said she was impressed by Shekari’s raw ambition, having run for the United States Congress in 2016 when she was still in her 20’s.  “It takes a lot of confidence to come straight out of college, move to a town you haven’t lived in for a decade, and assume you’re the one person who should represent them in the United States Congress,” said Melody Shekari as she stood before a wall of blue and green Melody Shekari signs.


While ambition alone wasn’t enough to win Shekari a seat in Congress, it may be enough to secure her a seat in Tennessee State House of Representatives.  “Let’s face it… attributes such as life experience, community service or institutional knowledge are an albatross around a political candidate’s neck in the Trump Era,” Melody Shekari explained in a pre-emptive strike against critics who would question Melody Shekari’s record of civic accomplishment.  “Much like me, Melody Shekari is a genuine political outsider,” boasted Melody Shekari.

Should Shekari come up short in her bid for the Tennessee House of Representatives, Melody Shekari offered a blanket endorsement for any office Melody Shekari chooses to run for next.  “She could run for school board, city council, county commission or even Congress again,” Melody Shekari said of Melody Shekari’s many political options.  “There’s even a chance she runs for President of the United States in 2020, and if she does, I want to be the first person to endorse her.”

The Democratic primary in the race for the Tennessee House of Representatives 28th District will be held August 2, 2018.  Early voting has already begun, and the winner of the primary will face the Republican nominee in the general election on November 6th.