Chattanooga Restaurant Opens Its Arms to Hurricane Victims… With Discounts on Appetizers!

When disaster strikes, it often reveals the very best in Americans.  From the heroic first responders who rush directly into harm’s way, to everyday folks who offer shelter to strangers in need, terrible tragedies often inspire great acts of selflessness.  Such was the case here in Chattanooga, as one Southside restaurant greeted Hurricane Florence refugees with a heartfelt show of generosity.

“Hurricane Florence evacuees, we can’t imagine the fears and uncertainties you are experiencing,” The FEED co. Table & Tavern announced on their social media Friday.  “While we can’t lessen Mother Nature’s blow, we can offer you $6 appetizers.”

Yes.  You read that correctly…


For the low, low price of just six dollars.

And that discount applies to all eleven appetizers on FEED’s extensive dinner menu — from classics like chicken tenders ($7) to more gourmet fare like grilled shrimp remoulade ($10).   Originally priced at $5, the charred edamame appetizer would actually see its price increase by one dollar.  But on average, the discount works out to two dollars per appetizer.  That means if a family of four hurricane refugees got burgers, fries, and Cokes and decided to share an appetizer of fried green tomatoes, their total bill would come to only $55 instead of $57 (plus tip and tax, naturally).

Of course, evacuees can only claim their hurricane discount if they have a driver’s license from either North Carolina or South Carolina.  And the ID must be valid!  So make sure you double check those expiration dates before putting your server in an awkward situation, okay?

IMG_2324 (1)
Every gray cloud has a silver lining… or in this case a side of ranch!